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27, Jun 2022
Junk Removal Services – For Construction And Demolition Recycling

The construction or demolition activities like constructing roads, flyovers etc generates a large amount of wastes. The wastes like concrete, metal wiring, plastics etc are non-biodegradable. Being heavy in weight, the junks are bulky and cover a lot of space over an area. Removal of such wastes requires professional assistance and here, hiring an expert junk removal expert in Vancouver is an ideal decision.

The junk removal services in Vancouver are of high importance for the complete removal, disposal and recycling of different kinds of demolition junks. According to survey reports, the service kind promotes construction and demolition recycling in numerous ways. Through this article, we will know more about the said kind of recycling. Please go through the discussed points below:

Demand and supply gap

One of the biggest facts that support the recycling of demolition and construction wastes is that the process helps in reducing the demand-supply gap. The reprocessing of concrete and other materials help in achieving the targets related to the construction of bridges, roads etc. Hence, the gap of demand and supply in the roads sector can be reduced at large.

Less situation of landfill

According to various studies based on junk removals in Vancouver, the construction and demolition wastes are among major junk streams. The percentage of materials landfilled varies from 12% to 30% and even more in different regions. Thus, it becomes important to control the production of such wastes to reduce the conditions of landfill.

Recycling process

Modern waste management companies come featured with advanced technology based equipment and methods for better recycling results. When it comes to C&D recycling, the common materials for the process include bricks, plastics, glass, concrete, gypsum, asphalt and more. Materials like bricks, plastics, metals, wood and masonry waste are recycled easily through the methods including crushing followed by sorting and sieving.

As the reprocessing is all about to make the used products fit for the next use, the experts consider every barrier of C&D recovery. They keep a check on all aspects including availability of right processing facilities, skillful labor, use of right techniques and more. Also, they very carefully deal with asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls, lead-based paint and other potentially harmful products.

From the discussions, it can be said that the recycling of demolition and construction wastes is not that simple. But, it is also a fact that the task is as important to conserve natural resources and raw materials and finally, to protect the environment.

27, Mar 2022
How a Facility Manager Helps in Designing Your Office

Functional and aesthetic office premises certainly create a positive impression on the employees as well as on clients. Since you and your employees spend most of the time in the office, you need to make sure that your office is designed properly. Moreover, you will not often do major changes in the design of your office. So, it is very important to approach a reputed facility manager to design your office space.

Facility managers take charge of every aspect of the facility - construction, planning, engineering, preventive maintenance and janitorial services. Therefore, they will have a thorough knowledge of the facility design, purpose and function, which makes it easy to design the office for your business operations.

In this article, we will discuss on how a facility manager helps in designing your office.

Being experts in the field of build & design, facility managers make sure that the design of the facility is functional and that blends well with the purpose and external design of the facility. They do interior designing; space planning and workflow systems design. The most important benefit of going for a facility manager is that he designs your office based on your requirements keeping total life-cycle costs of the office in mind.

Renovation When the need arises to renovate or modify your office to support new systems or work culture, it is always better to take help of facility managers. Especially, in case of interiors, facility managers will see to it that renovation results in modern, innovative design which uplifts the look as well as enhances the functionality and flexibility of the office. Professional facility managers also will make sure that while renovation, the HVAC, computers and other mechanical and electrical systems are upgraded with energy saving options and modern designs.

Space optimization Space optimization is an important characteristic of a good design. It involves maximum use of the available space with least wastage. Here, an experienced facility manager can provide you the plan that reduces wastage of space, enabling you to obtain the maximum value within the available floor space. He also takes care that, in an attempt to make the most of the available space, the need for comfortable working environment is not overlooked.

Good interior design A facility manager, while designing your interiors takes care of paint, decor, carpets, furniture, upholstery, roofing, fittings, tables, flooring, partitioning, etc., so that all these combined together make up for a pleasing environment that ensures workflow, improved productivity and a lasting impression on the clients and visitors. He will also help you out with the advices on the selection of right workstations, storage, conference room equipment, etc., that are comprehensive and effective. A facility manager can provide customized design and specifications for commercial offices, retail outlets, restaurants, individual offices, reception areas, conference rooms, executive suites, schools, etc.

Good working environment A well-arranged, clutter-free and beautiful interior space always has a positive effect on the minds of the employees, which in turn impacts their productivity positively. An expert facility manager, designs a quality facility considering the important aspects like traffic patterns, workflow, etc.

Facility managers, with their expertise and experience, can design your office within the specified budget and as per your business needs. They also ensure that the equipment and devices chosen are economic as well as ergonomic.

27, Dec 2021
A Good, Old Fashioned SteelMaster Barn Raising

When Robert "Bobby" Arnold decided to erect his SteelMaster 20' x 20' Workshop and Storage Building, he held an old-fashioned "Barn-Raising," or perhaps we should refer to it as a "SteelMaster Building-Raising."

Bobby lives in Wimberley, Texas with his wife Dorothy. Wimberley is a small town Bobby describes as being in the middle of nowhere, somewhere between Austin and San Antonio. It is the type of small town where people come together as a community when it counts.

When word got out that Bobby needed help to assemble his SteelMaster Building, 20 people showed up on construction day to assist.

"We basically held a barn-raising. We had more than enough people and were able to assemble the 'ribs' (what Bobby calls the steel arches) first, and after that the building went up easily and quickly. All Dorothy and I had to do was feed everyone. Not a bad deal, especially after the rocky start," Bobby said.

Initially, Bobby hired a contractor to take care of the foundation for his new building. This particular contractor made a huge mess of the foundation, and then abandoned the job.

Bobby quickly thought to call upon his SteelMaster salesman, Daniel Howard. Perhaps Daniel would be able to recommend a reliable contractor who could tear up the existing nightmare of a foundation and install a new one.

When Bobby called SteelMaster he was advised Daniel was out of the office, so he left a message.

Not ten minutes later, Bobby received a call from Daniel. Bobby explained the bleakness of his situation. Daniel brought a SteelMaster Engineer into the mix, who quickly ascertained the majority of Bobby's foundation could be saved. Through Daniel and the Engineer, a professional contractor referred by SteelMaster was not only able to salvage most of the existing foundation, but saved Bobby a lot of frustration, time, and expense in the process.

Bobby was astounded when he found out Daniel was on vacation - not just out of the office. "I could not believe how much of his personal time he gave me before I even knew he was on vacation. He was determined to help me and put me at ease. He was business as usual, and went above and beyond to help me... after the sale," he said.

"That was four years ago. I sent Daniel an email the other day just to say "Hi." I feel like Daniel is a friend. We check in with each other now and again. SteelMaster is good people. I have to add that I wish every company I dealt with had SteelMaster's attitude, work ethic and quality product. But you just don't find companies like yours anymore. Customer Service like what you guys have is a rarity," raved Bobby.

Bobby's original plans for his building included the necessity for more storage space. He and his son worked together to custom design, frame out, and build the front door for his building. It was during this process Bobby welded for the first time. He found he kind of liked welding. Actually, he liked it enough to make a hobby out of it. This is when he devoted part of the building to a workshop for welding projects. Although he does not admit to doing it often, he recently cooked in his building. Bobby said he made a mouth-watering stir-fry.

"SteelMaster is about more than being the international leader in steel and metal arched prefabricated building innovation. We are about people helping people on a personal level. Our relationships with our customers last well beyond the point of sale. The unique craftsmanship of our materials, 30 year warranty from our steel manufacturer, and endless use possibilities of our buildings practically sell themselves.

It truly is our people who make the difference at SteelMaster," commented Michelle Wickum, Director of Marketing for SteelMaster.

SteelMaster has been in business over 30 years. With buildings in every state in the United States, 40 overseas countries, and on six continents, SteelMaster remains committed to unsurpassed service, flexibility, and integrity.

By the way, if you happen to find yourself in the middle of nowhere Texas, be sure to check out the friendly and hospitable small town of Wimberley. Ask for Bobby Arnold. He will be glad to show off his SteelMaster building. You might even catch him with a welding torch, browning the top layer of a home-made batch of creme brulee in his workshop!

27, Sep 2021
Safety in Construction Is Ensured With The Use of Modern Machines

We have come a long way from being cavemen. Gone are the days when man used to place stone slabs, one on top of the other, in order to build houses that would protect them from the harsh forces of nature. With the gradual passage of time, man had started to understand the proper usage of the available resources and with the help of those; he has gradually become able to bend the situation according to his convenience. If we take a moment to pause, we would be able to realize that in the modern times we are all surrounded by many gadgets and machines. In fact, we are so comfortable in this cocoon of technology that it has become almost impossible for us to imagine our lives without the things like a car or an air conditioner. It is a bit intimidating and even a bit scary that how dependent we have become on these things. But who can deny the ease and convenience that these things entail. And it would be utterly wrong to say that the many gifts of technology only facilitate comfort and nothing more. They actually work in providing better security and durability too.

Every sector of work today has been benefitted by the many breakthroughs that the technological world has made in the last few decades. Who would have imagined that the stars we gaze at every night would come within our grasp? Who would have thought that it would be possible to do extensive irrigation in areas as dry a deserts? And who, for that matter, would have imagined that those, who used to live in huts made out of stone and mud, would one day construct buildings that would leave any person who lays eyes on them absolutely dumbstruck. The sheer height and mind boggling designs of modern skyscrapers are enough to make people understand that these are no ordinary feats to achieve. The construction of wide roads and zigzagging flyovers and bridges is equally impressive too. However, it must be mentioned here that none of these would have been possible without the use of latest machines like the cement truck mixer