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27, Oct 2021
Get Help Finding a Builder From The National Builders Association

When you are looking for a builder for your home or other project, you know you want someone you can trust to do the job right. The National Builders Association can connect you with builders who are members of the association. Membership to the National Builders Association means that the builder has had references checked and certifications and insurance verified. However, even if you use the National Builders Association, you still want to find the builder that is right for your project so there are a few other things you will need to do.

First, you need to visit the local district council planning office so that you can find out whether you need planning permission and to see what building regulations are required for your particular type of project. Larger projects usually require plans that must be approved. Once you have your permissions in place, you can look for a builder with experience in that type of project using the National Builders Association.

It is a good idea to make comparisons between at least three different builders. You will want at least two references from each of them and you should actually follow up by contacting those clients. You want to verify that references are genuine. If you go through the National Builders Association, you will know that the references have already been checked and verified.

When you ask for estimates from at least three builders, it is important that you get those in writing. That way, you can lay them out side by side and accurately compare the different aspects of the bids. This can help you see what the actual costs of materials are and localise differences better. It is important to realize that the lowest bid is not necessarily automatically the best way to go. While saving money is important, if you get work that is of poor quality, you will not be saving money in the long run. The reason for this is that lower quality work may require repair or higher maintenance than high quality work, which could cost you more overall.

Before you sign a contract, be sure that you have an actual fixed quote and not just an estimate. Verify that the quote includes all of the materials and that the work costs include everything that is included in the work specification. Make sure that the quote also included a timeline so that you will know what to expect. Always carefully read through the quote so you will know what is included before you sign an agreement.

By getting references, such as through the National Builders Association, and comparing quotes, you should be able to find a builder that you are confident will do your job well.

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